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Sheriff’s Auction Mutare Wednesday 23 May 2018

Sheriff’s Auction Mutare Wednesday 23 May 2018


On behalf of Mutare Bottling Company
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 10.00am

For Vehicles and Spares at their Vehicle Workshop – Correira Complex, Dawson Street

For tanks at Mutare Bottling, Riverside Drive

We will offer:-

Mazda B2500 STD AAJ2023(Non-runner), Mitsubishi L200 AAJ2144 (Non-runner), Mazda 323 (Limited runner)

Linde Forklift (Non-runner), Linde Forklift (Non-runner), Toyota Forklift (Non-runner), Toyota Forklift (Non-runner), Toyota Forklift (Very limited runner), Toyota Forklift (Very limited runner), Toyota Forklift (Non-runner).

ERF M11380E AAF8520(Non-runner), ERF M11380E AAF8521 (Non-runner), ERF ETC11 ABN7610 (Non-runner), ERF ETC11 ABN7611(Needs repowering), ERF ECT11 ABN7612 (Non-runner), ERF ABN3989.

Tandem AAS8116 (Non-runner), Volvo AAS0865 (Needs bodywork), Nissan CWA45 ABN5295 (Needs bodywork), Nissan CWA45 (old), Hughs AAS8119 (very old), Zambezi ABS0268 (severely cracked chassis), Tandem AAS8145 (severely cracked chassis), Zambezi AAS8129 (Suspension requires overhaul).

2 x Mazda B2500 Canopies, Nissan Hardbody Canopy, T35 Canopy

Bottom Discharge Stainless steel tanks:-
5 x 2500 litre tanks, 2 x 2000 litre tanks, 1 x 2400 litre tank, 1 x 2401 litre tank, 1 x 2402 litre tank, 1 x 6400 litre tank, 1 x 4250 litre tank, 1 x 3200 litre tank, 1 x 3000 litre tank, 1 x 1250 litre tank.
Entry Fee – $5.00
Deposit – $500.00 (Refundable)
Viewing – Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Enquiries to the Procurement Office at Mutare Bottling Co. 020-63106

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